Canned Libraries

I don’t know if anyone is still reading the blog but here is a good read:


One Response to “Canned Libraries”

  1. hmoir Says:

    Hi Gayle,

    That article is a good read; what a fascinating topic, thanks for posting that. I will check in on that website more often, it seems to have quirky and intriguing essays quite often.

    As you are interested in Filipino history, I wanted to ask if you have read the book, Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History (American Encounters/Global Interactions) by Catherine Choy and Gilbert Joseph (Paperback – 2003)? If not, I think you would really like it. It can be a bit dry at times but it also includes oral histories and personal stories that enliven the narrative. Here is the link to the book info on Amazon:
    You can buy a used version for $6 🙂

    Good luck with the final paper for Clio!


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