Archiving 2009

The deadline for submitting presentation abstracts for Archiving 2009
to be held May 4-7, 2009 in Arlington, VA., is December 21, 2008. A PDF
of the Call for Papers can be found at 

Paper proposals should be submitted according to the process described at 

The IS&T Archiving Conference brings together a unique community of 
imaging novices and experts from libraries, archives, records management, 
and information technology institutions to discuss and explore the expanding 
field of digital archiving and preservation. Attendees from around the world 
represent industry, academia, governments, and cultural heritage institutions. 
The conference presents the latest research results on archiving, provides 
a forum to explore new strategies and policies, and reports on successful 
projects that can serve as benchmarks in the field. Archiving 2009 is a 
blend of invited focal papers, keynote talks, and refereed oral and 
interactive display presentations. Prospective authors are invited to submit 
oral and interactive presentations by the December 21st deadline. 

Proposed program topics include:
*	Creating and Managing Digital Collections
o	Metadata and data retrieval
o	Large scale collection management
o	Business cases and business models for economic sustainability
o	Ingest and export of digital content packages
o	Strategies for selecting and archiving specific kinds of digital content
o	User needs and access to digital collections

*	Imaging and Image Workflow Processes
o	Image acquisition and digitization workflows
o	Image capture and quality assurance
o	Color management
o	Compression: JPEG2000 and other audiovisual formats
o	Digital collections scanning standards
o	Image discovery and access

*	Digital Preservation Strategies
o	Reliability of storage solutions
o	Archival formats (PDF/A, JPEG 2000, Open XML, RAW etc.)
o	Microfilm as storage solution for digital data
o	Conservation and stability of computer output media
o	Repository models and workflows
o	Compliance with copyright law and policy
o	Tools, services, and resources for use in a distributed environment

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We hope to see you there.

Best regards,
Diana Gonzalez
IS&T Conference Program Manager
703/642-9090 x 106

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