On Readings

(Sorry my antivirus program picked up two, two!, viruses on my computer yesterday so spent the day scanning and thus did not get this written.)

Okay, obviously the readings were highly technical and in the case of Moretti, somewhat confusing. I know what all of the authors were trying to get at but I believe most of the readings were directed to techies. All of it relates to data mining but I believe that the software that was discussed is not available to most of us and thus not applicable to our projects. Possibly the readings were trying to tell us how to formulate our projects so that the mining software could pick them up. That would make sense.

In the case of Moretti, I believe he discussed how certain historical events could influence novel writing. I know that this is true in the Fine Arts field. How important a factor this is I’m not sure. And it may be a more important factor in the fine arts realm than in the field of literature. But it wasn’t made clear to me what caused the extinction of one genre and the growth of another. Although I believe that he did say that most genres lasted for about 30-35 years, a generation. That could be a large factor in the analysis.

His Marxism shows in his map circle. It reminds me of the Wittgenstein Marxian chart (if I remember the name correctly). I tried to find one on the Net but apparently this is a more obscure chart than I thought. Basically, it’s the same type of circle, only using the Marxian theory of production.


2 Responses to “On Readings”

  1. Holly Moir Says:


    Sorry about your viruses! Hope your computer “gets well soon.”

    When you write about the Marxist influence on Moretti, are you just making note of this, or did you think that the influence was untoward or that his scholarship suffered from this influence?


  2. Gayle Says:

    It was just that the way Moretti designed his circle reminded me of the Wittgenstein circle used to depict the Marxian theory of production that I read about in one of my anthro classes way back when. I would think that anyone’s ideology would influence the way he/she thinks and works, but that would not necessarily cause his/her work to suffer. That would have to be taken on a case by case basis and dependent on the work he/she is doing and in what environment.

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