Digitized books

Cody, William F. Life and Adventures of “Buffalo Bill.”  (Chicago: Stanton and Van Vliet Co., 1917).

I checked out the Google books and Gutenberg, also archive.org. Archive.org is just a repository for Gutenberg, Google, and other organizations. It will give you all versions and tell you in what formats they are accessible. I searched for William F. Cody’s autobiography which was published before 1923 and thus is available in its entirety and downloadable from the Google website or archive.org. Gutenberg gives it to you in text format with the graphics but it’s not a scanned book per se. (As an aside, I searched for Pilgirm’s Progress also and noticed that Gutenberg did not put in the graphics from that book, it’s just all text. On the other hand, Gutenberg has audio versions [Pilgrim’s Progress (this mp3 file will not play on IE but will play on Firefox through Quicktime)] of it in several formats!)

Back to Buffalo Bill. Google gives you the scanned book and other information under “About this book” (a tab on the upper left, next to “Read this book”). You can read the entire book with all of the graphics but it doesn’t do page flipping like archive.org does.On archive.org you can actually flip the pages as if you were turning pages on a real book. However archive.org does not show the graphics in the book where you can flip the pages at least not the book I was looking at. Archives.org does give you several different formats in which you can download and view the book: Flip Book, PDF, Full Text, DjVu (http://djvu.org/resources/whatisdjvu.php), and HTML. It seems that even though the book was scanned by Google, it is in the Americana collection and possibly many of the Americana collection books are flippable. I downloaded the .pdf version and that does have the graphics in it.

One thing I noticed about flipping the pages is you can flip more than one page at a time. If you put the cursor on the side of the pages and move it wherever you want, it will flip those several pages. If you hold the cursor over the side of the page it will say, “view leaf XXX.”

By the way, as an aside which has nothing to do with anything. You can download old movies and view them in their entirety on archive.org. Really cool!



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