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[Credit given to the archivist who posted this on the listserv below.]

Personal memory bits turned to bytes Analog treasures get digital homes

“Sometimes, in the decades after he came home from World War II, it seemed as if the movie camera was surgically attached to Christoffel Teeuwissen’s hand.”  The article talks about how his children are dealing with his decades of movie and video film now that he has died (having it digitized), but also discusses the general problems of saving stuff, e.g., “The ways we have recorded our personal footprints – on paper and tape and plastic, things we could hold in our hands – are forever stalked by the ticking clock. That slow erosion is even more poignant when you consider that, today, we don’t have everything we might have saved. We had to choose which tokens to keep, based on what our wallets and our filing cabinets could accommodate.” […]

This URL will probably be good for free access until about next Sunday (Oct. 26), but Peter might know a way to fix up one that lasts longer.


Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
Information Services Librarian
Conrad N. Hilton Library:
The Culinary Institute of America
1946 Campus Drive
Hyde Park, NY  12538
(845) 451-1322
fax (845) 451-1092


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