Brooklyn Museum

Here is a very interesting site:

and the archivist’s comment about it:

We’re really excited to have a new, beautiful, Web 2.0 presence for our 9,000+ exhibition installation views. This was a long term scanning project of the Museum archives. If you take a look at our IS manager’s blog post about the launch,

you’ll see a link to the really basic HTML pages that I coded back in the dark ages — with many thanks to Bart Ryckbosch, whose exhibition list I used as a jumping off place. When we had no place to put our images, we starting linking them to the exhibition list and storing them on the library’s OPAC server. Now they’re all safely on the server and pushed out to the Web from our Luna Insight DAMS. Althea Morin, who used to create the metadata and export it into HTML pages from Access, would tell you that this is a great leap into the 21st century.
Take a look!
Deborah Wythe
Head, Digital Collections and Services
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238
tel: 718 501 6311
fax: 718 501 6145


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