AMNH Website

I find that there is something very aesthetic about the AMNH website. It’s balanced and I like the blue background. It’s a nice color blue and makes the content part of the site stand out. With the table-like format it’s easy to see what’s there and where you may want to go:

I especially like the Halloween page:

However, there is a lot going on as far as code in these pages. One thing that Prof. Petrik told us in 697 is that it isn’t necessary to use a lot of META keywords because the search engines will just not pick up on most of them and may reject all of them. Well, whoever designed this website didn’t get the email:

Also, if you look at the remainder of the code (not displayed here) there’s a lot of java on the pages and I’m wondering if it’s really necessary with the CSS. Some I can understand because they’re also doing e-commerce (selling tickets to events) but would not CSS take care of the simple links? You don’t really need to do a mouseover, do you? I would just bet they had a web design company develop their pages.

Still, all in all, I thought the site design easy to follow and I liked how the different webpages reflected what that page was about: Halloween, the Planetarium, the Family Party, etc.


One Response to “AMNH Website”

  1. Mike Harding Says:

    I agree (I think) that this page has some “fluff” that’s not really needed. When you open the page the header and links assemble themselves. Is this really needed? My new mantra, Just Because You Can Doesn’t mean You Should, applies here.

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