One problem however

byline Gayle

(No one seemed to address this in the Interchange discussion. But I suppose this is an aside that’s not really germane to their discussion.)

I love digitization and I say bring it on. I do have one problem with the computer however. I for one have trouble reading too much at one time. My eyes tend to go crosseyed and I have to go away from it for a while. (Actually, I’ve heard you should take a 15-minute break every two hours.)

When I am doing something such as working in Photoshop or doing video editing, I have a bad tendency to just sit for hours doing that because I am so into what I am doing and it doesn’t seem to bother my eyes as much as when I’m just reading something online. There’s got to be some different mechanism going on here.

I am wondering, (1) if it’s just me or does anyone else have this problem with their eyes, and (2) how is this going to affect children’s eyes if they start staring at the computers for long lengths of time. I know that they do this now with games and I really do not believe that it can be good for the eyes. Does anyone know what is the latest word on computers and eyesight?


One Response to “One problem however”

  1. Sharon Deane Says:

    I am with you when it comes to going “cross-eyed.” I too have trouble reading small text or lightly colored text on a white background – it can be difficult to decipher. In fact, this very issue came up in one of the articles ifrom our class readings. It’s another reminder that if we dedign a website we need to make sure that the text is large enough, but not too large either. There was alot about that in our readings too. As you mentioned, taking breaks from the computer helps too. Hang in there!

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