I thought possibly Prof. Cohen (and maybe others) would be interested in this post to my SAA listserv:

Dear colleagues,

I’m in the process of both writing a book and developing a book proposal, both on the use of web 2.0 technologies in archives and historical organizations. To support these projects I’m looking for people with experience working with web 2.0 tools in archives, special colletions, or historical organizations to either participate in a short interview or contribute a short case study of your experience. If your organization (or one you know) has worked with:

    * Establishing an RSS feed
    * Blogs
    * Podcasting
    * Flickr
    * YouTube
    * Online chat
    * Tagging and social bookmarking
    * Wikis
    * Social networks such as Facebook or MySpace
    * Second Life
    * Creating “mash-ups” with tools such as Google maps
    * Developing widgets

please contact me off list and we can see if your project is suitable for one of the two projects.

Best regards,
Kate Theimer


One Response to “”

  1. Dan Cohen Says:

    Happy to participate in this.

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