Old Virginia blog

Well, I deleted the “Old Virginia blog” because I didn’t realize it but it appears to be a “right” leaning blog. I thought it would be about Virginia history but I think it’s more of a political website. So I guess the moral here is you have to study a blog more carefully before you subscribe. I subscribed to the Victorian one suggested by Prof. Cohen.


One Response to “Old Virginia blog”

  1. Richard Williams Says:

    Yes, my blog does address political issues from a “right” perspective – more than usual during this time (for obvious reasons).

    But, the quote in my header gives readers a heads up regarding my philosophy and interests:

    “From Virginia sprung the Southern Mind, a mind which favoured the local community, Burkean conservatism, the folkways of ancestors, an unwavering orthodox Christian faith.” ~ Alphonse Vinh

    Those topics touch on many issues, historical and contemporary.

    Moreover, there are plenty of those involved in history who have jumped in to the political arena this year from the left. See:


    Best Regards,
    Richard Williams
    Old Virginia Blog

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